Make History: Testify for TEXIT and Support Texas Independence

It’s time to make your voice heard and stand up for Texas! The Texas Independence Referendum Act (HB 3596) has been assigned to the State Affairs Committee in the Texas House. This is a crucial step towards securing our right to vote on TEXIT, and we need your support.

When HB 3596 is scheduled for a public hearing, we need Texans like you to turn out in record numbers to show our collective strength and dedication to the cause of Texas independence. The hearing will likely be held on a Wednesday, and we need you to commit to attending at the Capitol in Austin.

By testifying for TEXIT, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver a powerful 2-3 minute testimony to express your support for the right of Texans to vote on independence. Your voice matters, and it’s time for us to come together and make history!

If you’re ready to stand up for Texas and be a part of this historic moment, please fill out the form at and let us know that Texas can count on you. We’ll keep you informed about the hearing date and any additional information you’ll need to prepare for your testimony.

Together, we can make a difference and bring Texas one step closer to becoming a self-governing, independent nation. Don’t miss this opportunity to play a vital role in the TEXIT movement and ensure the future of our great state.