TEXIT Bill Assigned To House Committee

The Texas Independence Referendum Act (House Bill 3596) has been referred to its committee in the Texas House of Representatives. Here’s what you need to know.

What Happens Next With The TEXIT Bill

The next step for the TEXIT bill is to schedule a hearing where the public can testify in support or opposition to the bill.

Although the TEXIT Bill has been assigned to the State Affairs committee, that does not mean that it will get a hearing. This happened during the last session with House Bill 1359. The decision about scheduling the bill for a hearing is solely at the committee chairman’s discretion.

It is critical that the Chairman schedules House Bill 3596 for a hearing.

Once the bill is heard in committee, the committee members will either vote to move it to debate and a vote on the floor or vote not to advance the bill.

Who Will Hear The TEXIT Bill

Here is a complete list of the committee members.

What You Can Do To Help Move The TEXIT Bill Forward

  1. Call Chairman Todd Hunter. Ask him to schedule House Bill 3596 for a hearing as soon as possible. Let his office know that you want an opportunity to testify on behalf of this bill.
  2. Call ALL of the members of the committee. Let them know you want House Bill 3596 scheduled for a hearing in State Affairs, that you support the vote, and ask them to support it as well. Remind them that a majority of voters want a vote on TEXIT.
  3. Call YOUR State Representative. Let them know you support House Bill 3596 and ask them to sign on as a co-author.
  4. Donate to help us reach these districts. We need to make a MAJOR outreach effort into the districts of these committee members in a short amount of time. Make a contribution to help us reach all Texas voters and find more TEXIT supporters.